Liberasi has just confirmed the first session of The Nuclear Initiative. This is our nuclear power education campaign targeting the general public, specifically university students, to spur the discussion of nuclear power adoption into the Malaysian energy mix. We are hoping to run regular sessions, at least once a month successively at different locations throughout Malaysia.

Liberasi believes nuclear power should be adopted in Malaysia as it is the most proven technology in replacing coal and other fossil fuel-based electricity generation whilst showing potential to be paired with intermittent renewable electricity generation technologies.

However, we believe Malaysians are usually misinformed about nuclear power causing unnecessary resistance to its adoption. As an organization looking to build a mass understanding of nuclear power through education, we are very excited to share our perspective and discuss the relevance of this technology with the rakyat.

Leading the discussions will be our Chief Coordinator Arveent Srirangan Kathirtchelvan who has done extensive research on nuclear power as an option for Malaysia. He shall be pulling from the experiences of various NGOs, academics and industry professionals in synthesizing his arguments in presenting our case for nuclear power.

The details of our first session are below:

Date: 30/10/2019

Venue: EA29, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia

Time: 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM

Special thanks to UNM IChemE Student Chapter for agreeing to be our first co-host!

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