In the summer of 2017, a campaign was undertaken by Arveent Srirangan Kathirtchelvan and Goh Cia Yee. This campaign, accelerated by ASASI from the Kesatuan Penuntut Undang-Undang Malaysia (KPUM), was called #followthewhisper.

The first part of this campaign saw a resolution being presented to a crowd of over 200 Malaysian university students from all over the world in the 11th Malaysian Students’ Leaders Summit. This resolution was passed by a great majority of the students present, with 79% of the votes falling in favour of the resolution.

We are now undertaking the second part of the campaign, where a document detailing the proper codes of conduct with regards to the limits of the freedom of speech, assembly and association for Malaysian students in the UK.

This document is projected to be created by a consensus of Malaysian students through various Malaysian student societies working together under the umbrella body called the United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC). The proposal for this document can be found here.

Following this, we have formed a Drafting Committee and have come up with the First Draft of the Declaration. A Roundtable Discussion on it was also held on the 14th of October 2017 between UKEC, KPUM, Liberasi and Goh Cia Yee to discuss the details of the Declaration.

#Liberasi is partnering with KPUM to advocate for this document and run peripheral activities that run in line with the spirit of it. We are positioning ourselves to link with various civil societies to create a network of support for the document such that its legitimacy and quality remains high. We will be updating everyone we can on the developments of the campaign moving forward as regularly as possible.