Arveent Srirangan Kathirtchelvan is the Founder and Chief Coordinator of #Liberasi. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters of Engineering in Chemical Engineering in 2018.

He is passionate in marrying the pure sciences and social science, leading him to found an online engineering magazine, YME Insider , which focuses on the social impact on and of the STEM field. His interest lies in the realms of personal biases and navigating through social constructs in the pursuit of preserving the most common ideologies.

Arveent is one of the first students to work on what was known as the #followthewhisper campaign and The Proposal for The Declaration on Students’ Rights to Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Association to advocate for Malaysian students’ right to freedom of speech in the UK. He was also formerly both an intern at IDEAS Malaysia and a fellow of the Independent School of Thinkers.



Goh Cia Yee is the coordinator of #Liberasi. Cia Yee believes in the power of small things and therefore believes in himself.

A self-proclaimed old soul and master of lame jokes, he is in constant pursuit of self growth, acknowledging that his privileged Subang Jaya background and the blood and sweat of his parents have contributed much to where he is today.

Equipped with the degree and resources available to him, Cia Yee seeks to contribute his efforts to a larger journey of change, a journey which he might never see conclude in his lifetime…

…but nevertheless, a journey that shall nourish his spirit; a roaring sea.



Michelle Liu is the coordinator of #Liberasi and a law graduate. Her involvement in student activism in the UK was the reason why she had cross paths with Arveent and Cia Yee.

After a stint at a legal news site, she has come to appreciate writing and the crucial role it plays in educating, promoting understanding and critical thinking — all of which are necessary elements for public discourse. Hence she tries to write articles whenever she’s not busy chugging coffee to finish her work.



Govina James is a member of #Liberasi. She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelors in Arts and Social Sciences — majoring in global studies and minoring in journalism.

She is passionate about international affairs and relations, while championing democracy and all it entails. Focusing on Climate Change and International Relations, she is eager in constructing norms within the parameters of society. With a strong sense of combining realism and idealism, she measures practical resolutions to structural issues.

As such, she has written a multifaceted policy paper on “Lowering the Voting Age”, and was the President of Able the Disabled with Enactus, an international student body. This allowed her to lobby the government to create a comprehensive disable friendly plan for the nation. She was also a writer and copy editor for Cine Fashion in advocating women empowerment.