Understanding the Women’s March

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Kuala Lumpur saw hundreds of people gathering for the annual Women’s March over the weekend and, predictably enough, this led to some derision on the part of the masses due to certain perceived abhorrent acts. In this article, I shall try to bring some enlightenment, but one must bear in mind that … Continue reading Understanding the Women’s March

Between Sense and Sensibilities: The Malay Dilemma

by Arveent Kathirtchelvan, Co-Authored by Aziff Azuddin The reader is advised that the following is a collection of not-so in-depth analyses on one part of the social structure of Malaysia and is written from the perspective of the main author, with the co-author utilised as a source of information. It is also considerably longer than … Continue reading Between Sense and Sensibilities: The Malay Dilemma