#Liberasi (pronounced ‘hashtag liberasi’ and colloquially referred to as Liberasi) is an open platform for Malaysian students to undertake projects that are in line with its philosophy. We believe in three fundamental principles; revisionism, freedom and responsibility.


A lot of social issues today are caused by misunderstandings that stem from traditional notions of culture and philosophy. This toxic environment breeds rifts to form between different people in society and must be revised. #Liberasi aims to throw away traditional constructs and rebuild the purpose of individuals in a holistic and consistent manner. This does not mean we reject the knowledge of past thinkers and visionaries. However, this knowledge is treated within the context of current times and is used as a basis for the formation of personal philosophies instead of being adopted blindly without deeper appreciation.


In the pursuit of knowledge and depth in wisdom, a fertile environment must be cultivated, where ideas are freely shared, debated and discussed. For this, #Liberasi stands for the freedom of speech, assembly and association. However, greater than this is individual liberty that is affected by social and economic policies that subjugate the masses and exploit the weak and defenceless. #Liberasi wishes to rethink the way we approach the creation of a fair environment committed to appreciating the nuances necessary to navigate towards a preservation of freedom in a world of inequalities.


We live in a world where individual interests outweigh communal responsibilities. This has led to a broken society where subjugation and suffering are tolerated when they are imposed onto others for the benefits of the self. Often, certain unalienable philosophies are disregarded and a culture of hypocrisy is fostered. #Liberasi stands in opposition to this reality. It accepts the responsibility of not only thinking about the philosophies central to society but also taking care to act on these to the best degree possible. We accept the responsibility of representing society and making sure it remains true to its cornerstones.

The pursuit to preserve these principles is open to multiple methods. These include direct advocacy for certain policies and ideologies, holding events centred on topics revolving around our principles and making appropriate creative content, including articles, videos and stage plays.

As an open platform, #Liberasi encourages individuals who have always wanted to undertake certain projects to come together and do it in their own capacity under its wing. Each individual would be completely free to work on their project as they see fit, with adequate support given through a network of similar individuals working under #Liberasi.

We are a young, vibrant organisation that is adamant to put principles first instead of personal gain, which is why there is no hierarchal structure. Everyone in #Liberasi owns #Liberasi as their own. At least, that is what we believe in.